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Welcome to The Book Pond

The Book Pond is the easy way to get rid of your old academic text books, or find your new ones. Our site is completely free and we don’t charge any commission, so you won’t lose out by selling your books to a shop who will give you less money than they are worth.

We split the site up into separate universities, making the books you need (or the books you're selling) easy to find. Just click here to register we’ll ask you a couple of questions and you can get started with listing your books or arranging meetings to buy some for yourself.

You meet your buyer face to face, so no commission, no postage and packaging... No charges at all! Well unless you get a bus, or a train... As long as you walk, there are no charges! Although walking might make you hungry, pack a lunch if you’re really serious about avoiding additional costs.

The BookPond team.


Generate your own Poster! (Pins not included)

We'll soon be launching our Poster Generator, that makes selling your books even simpler! You just list your books as normal, click the button, we'll give you a poster, then you print it out and stick it to a department noticeboard. Anyone wanting to buy your books can rip off the URL and be brought to your listenings immediately!

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