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The Book Pond realises that the information you supply to us about yourself may be sensitive, we have detailed below what information we hold about you, who has access to it, and what we do with it. Please make sure you agree to our privacy policy before continuing use of the site.

What we know about you

As a user of we may collect limited information about you and your computer. As a normal user that is not registered this may only be limited to Internet Addresses (IP) and location. Any information we collect from an unregistered user is fully annoymous and will never be passsed onto a third party.

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Who can see information about you

Information about your account may be made available to administrators of this website, however particularly sensitive information such as passwords will always be encrypted and made unreadable by anyone. We may supply information about your Institute or subject choices to other users of this site to help when finding books and searching the site. We will never pass on your information to a third party website or service.


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