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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I buy a book through
    Simply browse the listings by your university and by subject, or use the search facility to find the book you need. To contact the seller, you need to be registered to the site and logged in. Send an email through the site and wait for the seller to contact you.
  • How much is P&P? is a way of eliminating P&P charges from the sales process. You find someone on campus, or local to the university and exchange the book face to face.
  • How do I pay for my purchase?
    You pay the seller directly, in cash, or whatever suits the seller. No having to record your credit card details on-line, or having to disclose personal information.
  • Why do I have to register with the site?
    To give reassurance to the seller that you are serious about buying books, and so that the contact details of the seller are kept from anyone not registered with the site. When you register you need to tell us your name, where and what you are studying, and your email address, which will be used for security purposes only. You will need to set a username and password for yourself.
  • Will my details be passed on to a third party?
    No. will not use your details in anyway other than to contact you regarding your sales listings, or your registration.
  • What if the book I agreed to buy is not actually the one I wanted, or not in the condition I thought it was? means that you only hand your money over face to face with the seller when you are completely happy with your purchase. Take care to make sure the book is the exact one you want, as refunds will not be arranged through the site.
  • How should I arrange to meet the seller?
    Use email to arrange a mutually convenient time and place with the seller. Please refer to the safety guidelines .
  • How do I sell through
    First register your details with the site. Go to Your Account, and click on “sell”. Enter the book details. For some books, the details will already be on the site, in which case you can just the details specific to your book. For others, this will be the first one of this specific title, so you will need to add general details of the book, and a photo if one is available.
  • How do I get the book to a buyer?
    First of all, the buyer will contact you through the site. Agree a mutually convenient time and place, and give them the book face to face. The buyer is under no obligation to buy, especially if you have listed the book wrongly, or not described the condition accurately. See our safety guidelines
  • And after I have sold the book?
    go into your account listings and delete the listing. This will prevent un-necessary emails and reduce the frustration of the buyers.
  • What if the buyer doesn’t show?
    Unfortunately, that is one of those things that happen. Try to be explicit as possible as to meeting time and place.
  • Can I give refunds?
    Yes, if you want. However, it is better to make sure that the buyer is happy with their purchase before they hand over their money, and you hand over the book. Refunds will not be arranged by
  • Why use an agent?
    They charge commission but some eliminate the need for you to register with the site. They eliminate the need to take your books home for the holidays, and deal with the buyer with no hassle to you. Find an agent near you – click here
  • I am not a student of a university, can I still use the site?
    Yes, anyone can list books – graduates, staff, bookshops and dealers. As long as you can get to the university to deliver any books, or have a shop in a reasonable distance of the university then you are welcome to sell or list books through our site.